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How to contact Gesoo customer service? What are your customer service business hours?
You can call the Gesoo customer service hotline: (626)575-7630, and the business hours are Monday to Sunday from 11:00AM to 9:00PM PT. For more help, please email [email protected]
How do I check my previous orders?
To check your previous orders, simply go to “Me” section on the bottom of the main page, then click “Orders”.
How to change my deliever address after placing an order?
To change the address after placing an order, go to “Me” section on the bottom of the main page, then click “Orders” to find the order number, and then contact the delivery staff.
If I ordered the wrong product, can I change it afterwards?
Please contact our customer service immediately. However, you may not be able to make any changes if the store has already started preparing your products.
Why isn’t my order being delivered immediately after I placed the order?
After Gesoo arranges the delivery staff for you, he/she needs time to go to the store, and the store also needs time to prepare your order, please wait patiently. Should this be a pre-order, we will deliver it to you at your scheduled time.
Why does the distance shown on my phone differ from the one shown on my order?
The display distance of stores is the distance from the store to your current location, and the actual distance of the order is the distance from the store to your delivery address.
When will my order be delivered? How can I check my order status?
To find out your order status, simply go to “Me” section on the bottom of the main page, then click “Orders”.
I can’t find a certain store on Gesoo or the product information is incorrect. What should I do?
Go to “Me” section on the bottom of the main page, then click on the gear icon on the top right corner to report a problem.
Why is my estimated delivery time shown as tomorrow? Isn't it an instant delivery?
Usually it is because the store has already closed. In addition, please notice Gesoo closes at 11:30PM daily, so please try to avoid placing orders after 11:30PM.
What if the product image does not match the actual product?
The image shown here is indicative only. If there is an inconsistency between the image and the actual product, the actual product shall govern. To report an issue, go to “Me” section on the bottom of the main page, then click on the gear icon on the top right corner to report a problem.
Where is Gesoo delivery service available? In which cities can I use Gesoo?
Gesoo now serves Los Angeles, Phoenix, Houston and San Diego. We are currently expanding into other cities.
Which platforms does Gesoo currently support?
Gesoo is currently available for iOS and Android. You can also use our website, please visit
What if I forget my username?
Please contact customer service for help.
I have not received my order but it shows that my order has been delivered.
When the delivery staff has arrived at your delivery address and has not been able to contact you after many attempts, he/she will choose to temporarily leave and mark the order as delivered. If you find such a situation, please contact him/her as soon as possible to complete the delivery.
Why is the actual debit amount shown on my bank inconsistent with the amount of the order shown in Gesoo?
Some stores may adjust prices without notifying Gesoo in time, so there might be a difference. The actual deduction amount of Gesoo (that is, the actual deduction amount shown on your bank) is subject to the store receipt.
I failed to place my order. Will I still be charged?
If your order is not completed, this transaction will be listed as a temporary Pending status in your bank statement. After 1-3 business days, the Pending status will disappear and your money will not be deducted.
When can I receive my refund?
Your refund generally takes 3-5 business days to process. If you still have not received the refund after one week, please contact customer service. For some credit cards, refunds will appear directly on the statement at the end of the month.
What is charging standard?
We will charge you for commodity fee, delivery fee and service fee. You also have to pay the tax and tip the delivery staff as you wish. Delivery fee is $2.99 for 0-5 miles and $5.99 for 5.01-10 miles. A small order fee of $2 will be applied if subtotal is less than $12. For distance over 10 miles, delivery fee is $1.2 per mile plus $3. Service fee starts from $1.
Which payment methods does Gesoo support?
We accept debit/credit card, Apple Pay, and Alipay.
Why can’t I make a payment with my credit card?
Please check if the payment information is correct.
How can I remove my debit/credit card?
Please contact customer service for help.
Why is Gesoo charging service fee?
The total amount paid for items you purchase through Gesoo belongs to the stores. We will charge a service fee for our service that makes the order happen, including ordering goods for you, communicating with stores, assigning orders to delivery staff, planning routes, and maintaining the normal operation of the platform. Therefore, Gesoo will charge you a certain amount of service fee. Service fee starts from $1.
I only placed one order, why did I get charged twice?
In fact, Gesoo charges you only once. The “first” transaction is the settlement amount of Gesoo at the time of placing the order, and it is in a temporary Pending status and will not be deducted. Gesoo will re-settlement the actual cost based on the store’s receipt, it is possible that resulting in a “second” transaction, which is what Gesoo really charges you.
Why am I charged for delivery since you provide free delivery within 5 miles service?
Not all stores support “free delivery within 5 miles”. When ordering, please confirm that the stores you ordered has a “free delivery within 5 miles” icon, and confirm whether the goods you placed meet the minimum spending amount set by the stores, and confirm whether there is a delivery fee at checkout.
If I am not satisfied with the service of the delivery staff, can I request to adjust or cancel the tip I paid?
Yes. Please contact customer service for help.
What can I do if something is wrong with my products (damaged, wrong items, etc)?
Please contact customer service for help. After verifying the situation, we will reschedule the delivery or make a full refund according to your wishes.
My order has not been delivered in time. What can I do?
Please contact customer service for help.
How can I leave a feedback for the delivery staff?
After your order is delivered, you can go to “Me” section on the bottom of the main page, then click “Orders” to select the order you wish to rate, and select “Rate Driver” on the top right corner to rate.
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