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How do I contact customer service? What are your business hours?
You can call 855-664-3766 during our office hours, which are 11:00-21:30 PT, Monday through Sunday. For further information, you can shoot us a message to [email protected]
How do I check my past orders?
To check your past orders, simply go to “Me” section on the bottom of the main page, then click on“orders”.
What if I need to change my deliver address after submitting my order?
To change the delivery address for a certain order you just placed, please call the driver for that order. You need to provide the order number to to make changes. The order number and driver’s phone number are under the “orders”section.
I ordered the wrong item. Can I change it after submitting my order?
Please contact our customer service for help. However, you may not be able to make any changes if the restaurant is already preparing your food.
Why isn’t my food being delivered after I submit my order?
It takes a while for the driver to get to the restaurant. Meanwhile, the restaurant needs time to prepare for your order. Please be patient.
Why does the distance shown on my phone differ from the one shown on my order?
The distance shown on the order is the actual distance from the restaurant to the delivery address. It might differ due to the traffic status.
When will my order be delivered? How do I check my order status?
Go to “Me” tab on the bottom of the page, then select “order” to check estimate delivery time.
I can’t find a certain store or the menu on the app looks different.
Go to “Me” tab, then click on the gear icon on the top right corner to report a problem.
I can’t submit my order.
Please try logout your account and login again. Also, please make sure you have downloaded the latest app.
My estimated delivery time is tomorrow. What happened?
If the store's closing time is prior than the delivery time, the system will switch the delivery date to the next day (since the store is already closed and cannot accomplish your order). Please notice that our customer service’ office hour is due 9:30 PM every day. To ensure the service, try to submit the order before 9:00 PM.
The product looks different on the pictures.
All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual products may vary. To report an issue, please go to “Me” section and then click on the gear icon on the top right corner.
Where is Gesoo delivery service available?
Gesoo is currently available throughout most of the Los Angeles Metropolitan area. We also deliver to Irvine, Riverside and Pomona.
Is the Gesoo app iOS platform only?
We only have Gesoo app iOS available right now. You can also submit orders through the website.
I forget my username/password.
Please contact customer service.
I haven’t received anything but it shows that my order has been “delivered”.
If the driver has arrived with your order but fails to reach you (busy line, wrong number, etc) after several attempts, the driver will leave the order as “delivered”. Please contact the driver ASAP to get your order.
Why is the actual cost differ from what was shown on the app when I submitted the order?
Some stores may adjust prices without letting us know. You can also check the receipt for the exact cost of your order.
I failed to submit my order. Will it still cost me money?
We will not charge for orders that are not successfully placed. It may show “pending” on your bank statement. Give it around 1-3 business days and the transaction should be canceled.
When can I receive my refund?
It may take 3-5 business days to show refund on your bank account. If you still haven’t received your refund, please contact customer service.
How do you charge?
We charge for the products, tax, delivery fee if applies, and service fee. You can always add tips for our drivers. Delivery fee is at least $0.6 per mile, and starts from $3. Service fee starts from $1.
Which payment methods can I use?
We accept debit/credit card, Apple Pay, and Alipay.
I can’t make a payment with my credit card.
Please check if the payment information is correct.
How can I remove my debit/credit card?
Please contact customer service.
What is service fee?
We charge service fee for our service that makes the order happen, which includes ordering, route managing and operating.
I got charged twice for one order.
Only the second transaction is the actual cost of your order. The first transaction will be refunded once your order is finished.
Why am I charged for delivery since you provide free delivery within 5 miles service?
Not all the stores apply for the free delivery service. Please make sure that the store has the blue icon on it. Also, please check if you meet the requirement for free delivery.
Can I adjust the tips after receiving my order if I'm not satisfied?
Yes. Please contact customer service.
Something is wrong with my product (damaged, wrong items, etc). What can I do?
Please contact customer service. A refund or re-delivery may apply due to different circumstances.
My order has not been delivered in time. What can I do?
Please contact customer service.
How can I leave a feedback for the driver?
Go to “Me” tab and select “Orders”. Click on the order that you wish to rate and select “Rate Driver” on the top right corner to rate.
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